Joining and participating in the activities of the Darbydale Elementary School PTA is a wonderful way to become involved in your child's education. We encourage you to become a member and participate in the various activities and projects sponsored by our PTA.

Darbydale PTA Updates

Why Should You Join the Darbydale PTA?

The PTA supports the entire Darbydale community – the teachers, the staff, the families and our students!

We help send all students on educational field trips.

We are planning ways to utilize the beautiful outdoor space for greater hands-on educational opportunities for our students.

We help plan activities for the entire family to enjoy like the Spring Carnival.

The PTA celebrates our students’ successes through the Reflections program and the 4th grade graduation ceremony.

We help get supplemental educational materials into our classrooms such as Scholastic Weekly, Time for Kids and Social Studies Weekly.

The PTA has purchased indoor and outdoor playground activities and equipment.

We provide meals to our hard-working staff during conference nights.

We offer scholarships to Darbydale and Harrisburg alumni who are graduating seniors.

We have even more fun activities planned for our school.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

Kroger offers an easy way to help Darbydale through their Community Rewards program. This help the PTA raise money just by doing your regular grocery shopping. The PTA supports the school, the staff and most importantly our children through field trips, scholarships, classroom periodicals and planners, and so much more! Signing up is easy! Click the link below and follow the directions. Thank you for your support!


  1. Sign in with your email or create an account if you do not have one (you will need your Kroger Plus Card number)

  2. Go to the Community tab and click on Community Rewards.

  3. Click on View Reward Details.

  4. Click Edit under Community Rewards.

  5. Type in Darbydale in the search box.

  6. Click on the circle to the left of Darbydale Elementary.

  7. Click on Enroll to complete your sign up!